Babysitting, child support or tutoring
Housekeeping and cleaning
Massage, hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, personal trainer, yoga or coach at home
A chef at home with or without staff
Appointments with the finest health practitioners: dentists, pediatricians, physiotherapists and others.
Pet walking and pet sitting, pet feeding while you are away, veterinary appointments and accompaniment
Coordinating deliveries and collections of documents and goods
Introduction to contacts in health, car & home insurances, civil liability, banks and financial institutions

Daily shopping, laundry & dry cleaning, car wash and/or servicing, postal services & administrative tasks: daily administration, banking orders, small cash payments.

Ticket booking and/or purchase for shows and entertainments, daily access to exclusive private hotels and use of their sporting facilities, organization of events at home or outside (wedding anniversaries, candle-lit dinners on a white sand beach), purchase of airline tickets and/or organization of your travel.

Would you like to rent a car for a day, a week or for the long term? A family car or a sports convertible? With or without chauffeur? Tell us your dates and preferences, and we will get back to you with the best offers available.

  • Management of your residence in your absence, or its short/long term rental.
  • General house management: have someone air and ventilate the house, open shutters, put fresh sheets and bath towels, buy and place first necessity food and beverages prior to your return or its occupancy by visitors, clients.
  • Welcome and reception of guests remaining at your place, a secondary residence or at a hotel, transmission of message or personal attention.

While you are away from home or out of the country:

  • Organization of property security.
  • Emptying the mail box.
  • Opening and closing of shutters and windows in sign of physical presence on the premises.
  • Signal and prevent damages (water leaks, bad weather conditions‚Ķ).
  • Varying lighting sources and patterns so to create the illusion of presence at night.
  • Reporting attempts of trespassing to the authorities.

Would you be interested by financial schemes and tax advantages offered by the Mauritian government? Looking for inquiries? Need to be introduced to banks, fiduciaries or advisory firms? We will present you to the best professionals on spot.

  • Watering of plants and gardening
  • Supervising staff activities (housekeeping, gardener, pool keeper)
  • Pet care
  • Representation at the co-owners meetings
  • Supervise ongoing works