• Situated on an economic crossroad in the Indian Ocean between Europe, Asia and Africa; a destination of choice for financial exchanges and international commerce
  • A time difference of only 2 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter with continental Europe
  • Separation of administrative power with a balanced and guaranteed corporate governance
  • The judiciary and the political powers are independent and offer the same guarantees to foreigners as much as the Mauritian citizens
  • A signatory member of the international arbitration convention signed in New-York in 2002
    ( rules of arbitration of the CIRDI and/or the CNUDCI )
  • Fiscal advantages ( residents or non-residents )
  • Stability together with political and economical security since independence in 1968
  • Strong and competitive economy: leader on the African continent, 39th on the world economic forum 2014-2015; just behind Portugal 36th and well ahead of South-Africa 56th, Cyprus 58th and Morocco 72nd
  • Leading modern infrastructures: international airport facilities, road network, schools, hospitals and clinics, internet
  • Investments encouraged in comparison to certain African states with restricting political bureaucracy in place
  • Qualified professionals (financial services, commerce, ITC _information . & comunication technology, etc..) together with fully bilingual english-french workforce that’s who we do it
  • Weflare cost/Social security charges being minimal: average wage between € 500 and €600
  • Labour laws not rigid and recruitment of professional expatriates authorized
  • Rental investments
  • Ability to create a local company within 6 working days
  • Ability to own property through structured legal acquisition with the help of several associates. Thus allowing the shareholder and immediate family to obtain residency permits
  • Non double taxation treaty established and signed with 37 other countries
  • Fiscal harmonization at 15% for companies as much as individuals without any further tax charges
  • Tax charges ranging between 0 and 3 % for foreign offshore companies using Mauritius as a financial platform
  • No taxation on added-value
  • No taxation on interests and dividends
  • Non imposition and free repatriation of benefits, dividends and capital investments
  • No imposition on inheritance for direct heritage
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • Free monetary movements
  • No social contribution charges (CSG _ Contribution sociale généralisée)
  • No local tax on personal homes or properties except for urban specifications
  • 5% tax on land transfer
  • No taxes on imports of material and equipment destined for RES projects or IRS projects
  • Retirement in a country reputed for its legendary hospitality, fair climate all year round and a cost of living well below that of Europe
  • Bilingual ( french – english )
  •  Domiciliation and submission to the Mauritian tax system under the non-double taxation treaty with 37 countries
  • No taxation on wealth
  • Modern medical facilities and infrastructures ( in cases of extreme hardship, Reunion island is a mere 45 minutes away
  • No tropical diseases necessitating special treatment or vaccination
  • Choices between owning a property through the IRS, RES, apartments or rental of any type of property throughout the island
  • No obligation whatsoever to invest one’s money in local banking facilities unlike Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal
  • Residency permits that cover spouses and children below the age of 18
  • Requests dealt with within 72 hours by local authorities
  • Required conditions:
    • A minimum stay of 183 days throughout a calendar year
    • A minimum yearly investment of US$ 40 thousand on a Mauritian bank account
    • The applicants immediately obtain a temporary residency permit valid for 3 years. If all legal requirements are met, the permit is further extended for another 7 years to be renewed once more after
  • Integrated Resort Schemes (IRS) and Real Estate Schemes (RES) are regimes that facilitate the acquisition of a private property for a foreigner in Mauritius
    The acquisition of such an IRS property project, to the value of US$ 500 thousand for a foreigner, enables the latter to qualify for the status of permanent resident in Mauritius. This program is for wealthy buyers and covers upmarket villas, luxury apartments or other high-end infrastructures that can include luxury hotels with private beaches, restaurants, renown golf courses, private marinas, sports complexes and other health centers. Such investments often exceed a million Euros.
    Such an ownership automatically qualifies the applicant for a residence permit and other fiscal advantages. Furthermore, the spouse and the children below the ages of 24 also qualify and benefit from the residence permit.
    As a resident, one needs to reside for a minimum of 183 days within a calendar year.

    The RES are applicable for a larger and more flexible market audience starting from US$ 250 thousand.
    So as to benefit from the fiscal status and a residence permit, the minimal value of the RES needs to exceed US$ 500 thousand. Otherwise the applicant will need to apply for a permit for other applicable permits destined to that effect either as an investor, a registered professional being employed or independent or a pensioner wishing to live in Mauritius.
    Anyway, one may reside in Mauritius for 6 months without official permits.

  • A: Global Business License 1( GBL 1 )

    TThe GBL1 may be incorporated with the authorization of the Financial services commission (FSC) in order to access offshore activities. The holder of such a license may become a resident of Mauritius and benefit from the non-double taxation treaty. However, the beneficiary of a GBL1 may not effect financial transactions with residents nor invest in property. Banking activities are allowed together with fund management and insurance management. The holder is taxed to 15% except on tax gains and is not submitted to a retention at source.

    B: Global Business Licence 2 (GBL2)

    Contrary to previous licence, the beneficiary of a GBL2 may not be considered as a resident of Mauritius and may not benefit from the status of non-double taxation treaty. It is compulsory to register with an officially appointed agent. The holder of a GBL2 may entertain various activities except for banking, insurance, trusts and investment funds management. There is also no taxation whatsoever even at the source.

    • The owned parts of the GBL2 are nominative just as the shares also. The annual licence is US$ 200. Its beneficiary may have a banking account anywhere in the world and is not obliged to produce accounting reports. Offshore companies under the GBL2 status have zero taxation.
    • The request may be obtained with the Financial Services Commission through an agreed registered offshore company. The beneficiaries of such economic activities are not obliged to reveal their identities to the authorities.
    • The company is incorporated rather swiftly. It takes approximately between 2 to 5 working days once documents are handed in and professional fees are settled.
  • Judicial security
  • Confidentiality on the actual offshore structures in place ( names of beneficiaries unpublished)
  • Single, non resident administrator
  • No compulsory annual shareholders meetings :
  • Meetings may take place anywhere and by proxy
  • No obligation to submit accounting reports ( except for GBL1 )
  • No audited accounts ( except for GBL1 )
  • Possibility to move the registered company out or into the said jurisdiction.
  • Quick set up procedures within 2 working days
  • No taxation or up to 3% maximum for the GBL1
  • Possibilities to set up legal structures and offshore structures from your country of origin
  • Set-up and operations costs are moderate
  • Total confidentiality afforded: Information pertaining to associates and their place of residence are withheld (if in line with the FSC – Financial Services Commission)

Expert advice, secured information, experience, with the Swiss rigor and discretion !

Domiciliation and financial services

  • Introduction to the banking sector, fiduciaries and property agents
  • Advice and assistance for the incorporation of GBL1 and GBL2 companies
  • Representation as a mandatory agent and / or administrator
  • Assistance for the relocation and setting-up fiscal status ( residence permit )
  • Facilitate all administrative transactions and property acquisition

Relocation and/or expatriation

  • All administrative management of the relocation
  • Assisting the organization of all practicalities linked to expatriation at the other end: purchasing property, motor vehicle, insurance, schooling, medical assistance etc…
  • Close monitoring and advice provided upon arrival

Concierge Services

  • Luxury concierge services
  • Logistical support during your absence or presence
  • Full preparation of the residence prior to arrival
  • Looking after family, friends or clients during your absence or presence
  • Daily follow-up, assistance and support
  • Organization of private or public events, presentations, seminars etc…

We shall provide guidance and advice during all your applications, meetings and official visits and we provide support once you are settled in the country.


IRS  Integrated Resort Scheme

RES   Real Estate Scheme

FSC  Financial Services Commission / Commission des Services Financiers

DTA  Double taxation agreements / Convention de double imposition

BOI  Board of Investment

  • Conseil sur les potentialités d’investissement à l’IleMaurice
  • Conseils spécifiques par secteur d’activité et autres informations sur mesure pour le démarrage de votre entreprise
  • Organisation de rencontres et visites sur le terrain
  • Identification de partenaires potentiels pour des projets de “joint-venture”
  • Conseils sur le choix de vos équipements et la localisation de votre entreprise
  • Assistance en matière de permis de travail, permis de résidence et autres formalités. Un département spécial “Vivre et travailler à Maurice” a été mis sur pied pour simplifier et accélérer les démarches à entreprendre.

MRA Mauritius Revenue Autority (Centre des finances publiques /Impôts)